Franchise Bluedanah

Your work is simply our experience to reach success easily and easily with you. Step-by-step, step-by-step steps to success. Share your experiences and knowledge to manage your business.

* Provide you with effort and time

* Put in your hands our success and our experience

The type of support the grantee receives

Initial training includes:
Two-week training with classes and in-house application We provide full training in all aspects of our work. At the end of the course you will learn about packaging methods. Receiving and processing applications. We assist you in preparing the team. Sales training. Excellent accounting system.
What support – Pre-opening includes:
Assistance in selecting premises. Continuous support includes: monthly review and financial performance analysis. Regular visits to the shop by support staff. Phone support. Comprehensive manual of operations.

How do we evaluate our partners ??

They have a high ability to sell, service and customers have a personal desire and motivation with bear business pressures. They have a unique organization for their business – they have the ability to keep pace with the technology that develops their personal skills, relationships and interpersonal communication skills
And dealing with suppliers and decision-makers. They have the basic skills and deal with honesty, integrity and superiority. They have the ability to meet the initial investment requirements financially and administratively. Willingness to work hard. They have the love of adventure and the desire to enter into competition.


Franchise is to lease a company or an institution whether it offers its own good, service or technology its distinctive brand, as well as its production, marketing, administrative and accounting systems (Franchise Package), and it is called the Franchisor (franchisor) to another person or company – Franchisee) wishes to benefit from the success of the product and the trade name in exchange for an amount paid to the concessionaire in addition to a percentage of the total value of the sales and this is at the local or international level

The benefits accruing to the licensee

The risk of failure of the licensee to fail is less than the expected failure of other businesses that can be started from scratch as the licensee buys the existing and already successful system – the licensee obtains the integrated service required for any successful project that includes many things including trademarks, Marketing techniques, equipment and materials, accounting systems, research and development methods, planning and inventory management, experience, guidance and training.

What can you win through the privilege of bluedanah ?

Your profit depends on the first place on the scale of your efforts and your own innovation and designs wonderful and innovative customer service and marketing does not stop and the principle of retail is the average to achieve your personal goals in profit opportunities unlimited in our market requires you to ask yourself the following question: What do I want to earn?
Profit is a process of discipline and requires constant attention on the following aspects of work:
Total sales, revenue and profit margins result in your ability to maintain the overall margin of goals.
The overhead of your business is commercial, taking into account also your rent expenses, employee salaries, etc.

Objectives of Bluedanah Commercial Excellence Program:

We strive to compete within Vision 2030
Provide opportunities for Saudi youth to enter with confidence to invest in restaurants, cafes and sweets
Create jobs for young people of both sexes and become a source of employment
Selection of appropriate partners for appropriate work
Total sales, revenue and profit margins
Results of your ability to maintain the overall margin of goals.
The overhead of your business is commercial, taking into account also your rent expenses, employee salaries, etc.

To subscribe to the Franchise system for Bluedanah
E-mail : [email protected]